1.1 Tubes + Pipes
Round, square, rectangular and in all other hollow shapes including elbows
1.2 Bars
Round, square, flat, hexagonal and in all other standard shapes
1.3 Sheets, plates, strips
In all thicknesses and standard sizes
1.4 Angles and channels
in all major sizes and lengths
1.5 Profiles for doors and windows
Including all gaskets and accessories.
1.6 Ropes and fittings
Ropes and fittings exactly according to your demand.
2.1 Tubes and pipes
Round, square, rectangular and in all other hollow shapes.
2.2 Bars and wire
Round, square, flat, hexagonal, octogonal and other special shapes.
2.3 Sheets, plates and strips
In all thicknesses and standard sizes.
2.4 Perforated sheets
2.5 Angles and channels
2.6 Profiles and sections
3.1 Profiles
Special profiles and shapes for architectural and industrial application.
3.2. Handrails
3.3 Perforated sheets in all thicknesses.
3.4 Sheets, plates and coils
In all thicknesses.
4.1 Various Flagpoles
5.1 Mild steel rectangular and square hollow sections
5.2 Aluzinc sheets
5.3 Iron rods, square and flat bars
6.1 Electrodes and welding consumables for stainless steel alloys
6.2 Brazing consumables for brass, bronze and copper alloys
6.3 Welding consumables for aluminium and steel alloys
6.4 Welding consumables including fluxes for all steel grades
6.5 Solarmatic welding masks
7.1 Polyester Powder
In all colours and quantities
7.2 Epoxy/Polyester Powders
In all colours and quantities
A comprehensive range of
8.1 Surface conditioning belts, discs, hand pads and economy rolls
8.2 Non-woven wheels, discs, flap brushes
8.3 Strip-it wheels and discs
8.4 Aluminium oxide wheels and bands with accessories
8.5 Aluminium oxide and zirconium flap wheels, spiral bands, discs, sheets
and belts
8.6 Technical and polishing wheels, profile brushes
8.7 Multipurpose paper sheets and economy rolls
8.8 Flap discs, cut- off discs and grinding discs for metal
8.9 Hand sanding systems
8.10 Nibrumax polishing and grinding machines
8.11 Different types of finishing machines insets
9.1 Bearings and Oil Seals
9.2 Electrostatic powder coating machinery manual and automatic guns, including booth and recovery systems
9.3 Electrostatic wet spray paint equipment
manual and automatic guns, including booths
9.4 Panel saw machine
for aluminium, wooden and plastic panels in all major sizes
9.5 Santoprene welding and cutting machines, including all accessories
9.6 Universal milling, grinding and polishing machine NibruMax
and polishing/grinding accessories
9.7 Spare parts for all major European machinery
10.1 Beech lumber, steamed, kiln dried, top-quality only
10.2 Flaxboard
10.3 Honeycomb material
10.4 Beech rotary cut veneer
10.5 Decking material for wooden outdoor decks, longlasting and very elegant composite wooden deck boards in different colour shades
11.1 Santoprene gaskets
11.2 PVC gaskets
11.3 PVC handrails
12.1 Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid (LABSA) for Europe
13.1 Masterkey systems
Locks and cylinders for full master key systems with or without dust protection

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